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Hi Anshil,

take a look at this:

cxx1x is probably done already, but cxx2a has some outstanding features ;)

In general, please use 'cfe-dev' instead of 'cfe-commits'. There is the
normal discussion and questions/answers for developers.

Regards Jonas

Am 27.01.20 um 17:23 schrieb Anshil Gandhi via cfe-commits:
> Hi everyone,
> My name is Anshil Gandhi and I am currently in my third year of BSc
> double majoring in Computing Science and Mathematics. I am interested
> in developing the clang frontend, C++ 1x features implementation in
> particular. I have cloned the git repository of llvm and explored
> through various features of clang, however I am not sure how to
> familarize myself with the project organization. I will appreciate any
> pointers on how to get started. Thanks in advance!
> Kind regards,
> Anshil Gandhi
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