[PATCH] D29469: Fix PR31843: Clang-4.0 crashes/assert while evaluating __builtin_object_size

George Burgess IV via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 2 12:33:39 PST 2017

george.burgess.iv created this revision.

We're currently using a special EvaluationMode to determine whether
we're OK with invalid base expressions during objectsize evaluation.
Using it to figure out how we handle UB/etc. is fine, but I think it's
too far-reaching to use for checking whether we're OK with an invalid
base expression. This is because an EvaluationMode applies by default to
all subexpressions of the expression we're evaluating, which causes
issues like in https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=31843 .

What I think we actually want to do is allow this relaxed behavior only
for "top-level" member/pointer expressions. In other words, we should
only allow it when we're evaluating the top-level pointers/lvalues
involved in an expression. As soon as we need to evaluate something else
(an int, ...), we should drop these relaxed rules and go back to
stricter evaluation. For example, in:

foo(whatever->a ? b() : 1)->bar->baz.quux

We don't care if `whatever->a` is evaluated using these relaxed rules,
since the only invalid base that's actually useful to the objectsize
evaluator is `foo(...)->bar`.

...As a lower level issue, one idea I had to make this less awkward was
to just define `EvaluatePointer(const Expr *, LValue&, EvalInfo&)` as a
method on LValueExprEvaluator/PointerExprEvaluator that called
::EvaluatePointer with the right fourth arg, but that seemed a bit too
subtle to me. Happy to swap to it if you think it's better.

Finally, if we make this change, ISTM we can just replace OffsetFold
with ConstantFold. I'd rather to that in another patch, since whatever
we choose to do here gets put into 4.0.


With all of that said, if we want the minimal fix for PR31843, it's
adding an `InvalidBase` check or two to Evaluate. My concern with that
approach is that we'd just end up playing whack-a-bug. It's possible
that this fix puts us in a similar situation, but I'm honestly at a loss
for a better approach. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (...And I'd kinda prefer to play
whack-a-bug with "clang could do a better job in this case" reports,
rather than "clang crashes on my code" reports.)



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