r222009 - [Sema]. Warn when logical expression is a pointer

jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Mon Nov 17 10:01:07 PST 2014

> On Nov 17, 2014, at 7:18 AM, Timur Iskhodzhanov <timurrrr at google.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This has broken our -Werror internal build.
> One specific thing that I consider a [noisy] false positive:
> #define MY_ASSERT(cond) ((cond)? (void)0 : blah)
> #define BUG(description) MY_ASSERT(!description)
> ...
> if (some_condition)
>   BUG("oh this is broken")

I cannot reproduce this warning. This is the test I used:

#define MY_ASSERT(cond) ((cond)? (void)0 : (void)1)
#define BUG(description) MY_ASSERT(!description)

void foo (int some_condition)
  if (some_condition)
    BUG("oh this is broken");

Can you give a test case producing the warning?

- Fariborz

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