[cfe-commits] r42070 - in /cfe/trunk: AST/Decl.cpp Parse/ParseObjc.cpp Sema/Sema.h Sema/SemaDecl.cpp include/clang/AST/Decl.h include/clang/Parse/Action.h include/clang/Parse/Parser.h

Steve Naroff snaroff at apple.com
Mon Sep 17 16:32:04 PDT 2007

On Sep 17, 2007, at 3:36 PM, Fariborz Jahanian wrote:

> -Parser::DeclTy *Parser::ParseObjCMethodDecl(DeclTy *IDecl,
> -                          tok::ObjCKeywordKind& pi,
> +Parser::DeclTy *Parser::ParseObjCMethodDecl(tok::ObjCKeywordKind& pi,
>  			  tok::TokenKind mType, SourceLocation mLoc) {

> +  virtual DeclTy *ObjcBuildMethodDeclaration(tok::ObjCKeywordKind&  
> pi,
>  		    SourceLocation MethodLoc,
>  	            tok::TokenKind MethodType, TypeTy *ReturnType,
>       		    ObjcKeywordDecl *Keywords, unsigned NumKeywords,
>       		    AttributeList *AttrList);

Looks good. Some comments...

- Why is "pi" passed by reference?
- The name ("pi") could be a little more descriptive:-)
- Since this argument is only needed for protocols, I would have  
preferred it be added to the end of the respective argument lists  
(with a default argument). This way, fewer clients would need to be  
aware of data that is protocol specific...


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