[Openmp-dev] Three small patches

Wilmarth, Terry L terry.l.wilmarth at intel.com
Wed Mar 4 10:29:31 PST 2015

Thanks Hal, a couple comments below.

> 1) build_fixes.patch: removes -fstack-protector flags from oss/llvm
> builds; fixes an oversight in AsmFlags for builds using icc on
> Windows; adds KMP_NESTED_HOT_TEAMS definition.

"adds KMP_NESTED_HOT_TEAMS definition." -- this part LGTM, please commit it separately.
[Terry L Wilmarth] Thanks, we will commit this part.

"removes -fstack-protector flags from oss/llvm builds" -- but the patch does not appear to do this. It looks like it is moving from MS build flag definitions around (and I'm less fond of the new formatting).

[Terry L Wilmarth] My error in leaving this in the description -- when I made the patch, I found that the -fstack_protector flags had already been removed earlier, so perhaps Johnny had already applied that part of the change.

[Terry L Wilmarth] For the AsmFlags changes, do you have a suggestion for improving? (I've fixed that stray tab in the formatting that I missed in the patch.)

> 2) affinity_comment.patch: comment for affinity balanced improved as
> suggested in LLVM review.

LGTM (you don't need pre-commit review for comment improvements).

[Terry L Wilmarth] Thanks!

> 3) placement.patch: corrected dn_successors placement

And also adds dn_routine? What was incorrect about the previous definition?

[Terry L Wilmarth] We are going to hold off on this patch for now, as it looks like it may be better coupled with a larger patch it is related to.

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