[Openmp-dev] OpenMP+CLANG RTL && Polly && Future Dev

Andrey Bokhanko andreybokhanko at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 03:55:01 PST 2013

Hi John,

Thank you for your interest! -- it's nice to see some OpenMP love. :-)

As for

> - Do we have a running list of development 'Todo' items yet? [CLANG layer and RTL layer]  I saw some notional description of various things that could be done at the SC13 BOF.  I wasn't sure if there were owners for the individual items yet or people interested in implementing the changes.

I can answer on CLANG part.

First thing we *really* need are code reviewes. We are trying to upstream
our OpenMP 3.1 implementation (which is complete) to clang trunk;
unfortunately, this happens really slow due to limited reviewers'
throughput. If you can contribute with code reviews, this would be very
much appreciated.

For reference, the last review request is there:
In general, any messages in cfe-dev mailing list with "OpenMP" in their
header are related to OpenMP developments in clang.

Next, we can collaborate on further development of OpenMP support on
clang-omp.github.com (that we use to host OpenMP in clang implementation).
There is a list of things that can benefit from re-factoring (under
"Important Note" heading): http://clang-omp.github.io/#status -- you can
handle one (or all :-)) of them!

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Intel Compiler Team
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