[llvm-dev] LLVM Kaleidoscope : Compiling to Object Code - Segmentation Fault

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Thu Jan 24 09:36:24 PST 2019

Hi all :)

I'm new to llvm!

I'm going through the kaleidoscope : compiling llvm IR to object code 
tutorial, code in the listings breaks and causes a segmentation fault. 
After some investigation through gdb, probably this constructor call, 
causing the segfault.

|Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.||
||0x00000000004afee0 in 
true> const&) ()|

|Source code: |

TargetOptions opt;
autoRM =Optional<Reloc::Model>();
autoTheTargetMachine =
Target->createTargetMachine(TargetTriple, CPU, Features, opt, RM);

Whether this behavior is already notified and is there any workaround 
available for it ? I would be great to know the root cause for this 

Of course, the kaleidoscope is friendly and good introduction to llvm 
for beginners, thank you very much for developing :)

Thanks for your kind help

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