[llvm-dev] How to use tablegen to describe branches where the status register is implicitly set?

Ahmed Samara via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 29 12:48:55 PST 2018

I'm working on writing a backend for a processor that only has one Branch
instruction, a BRnzp, where it branches on a status register (NZP:
Negative, Zero, Positive) based on what the result of the last arithmetic
operation was. It's implicitly set, nowhere in userspace.

Basically, it follows the format of:
ADD ....
BR 010  ... (Branches if the result of the ADD was zero).

Unconditional branches are given as a 111 argument.

How can I use tablegen to describe this in a way that the scheduler also
understands that it's 'attached' to the last instruction?

Ahmed Samara
M.S. Computer Engineering
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