[llvm-dev] [GSOC 2018] Improve function attribute inference

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> Hi Devs,
> I am a PhD student at Indiana University. I am interested in working on
> the project on function attribute inference. My current research direction
> involves runtime binary optimization using JIT compilation from a lifted
> LLVM IR. I am hoping various runtime information coupled with static
> analysis on the IR can provide better avenues for runtime code JITTIng
> (akin to PGO).
> Anyway I think the project on function attribute inference aligns with my
> current work in that it would help me to get more familiar with static
> analysis passes in LLVM and provide an opportunity for me to do a useful
> contribution to the LLVM community.
> Thanks
> Buddhika
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> Research Assistant
> Indiana University
> Web: http://homes.soic.indiana.edu/budkahaw/
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