[llvm-dev] GPU Compiler Engineering Opportunities at AMD

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Mon Sep 25 10:27:02 PDT 2017

Hi Folks,

At AMD we are growing our ROCm ( https://rocm.github.io/index.html)
 compiler team. The compiler is built on the llvm compiler foundation, and
it supports OpenCL, HCC C++ and HIP for application portability.  We are
considering all qualified applicants regardless of the experience level.

Requirements are:

Strong background in compilers.

Strong C/C++ programming skills.

Experience with wide variety of aspects of compiler and parallel
programming languages including:

Code optimizations,

Data flow analysis,

Code generation and building a good compiler framework.

LLVM experience

Good understanding of programming languages

Parallel Programming Models, Languages and Runtime Systems

Location:  Sunnyvale CA, Austin TX, Boxborough MA or Markham Canada.

If you are interested, please apply directly at the following link:


Iyad Natour
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