[llvm-dev] Errors linking with LLVM 5.0 - dump() missing

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Hi Dibyendu,

Are you building a Debug or Release version of the compiler?

I had similar problems a few days ago when I was migrating to v5.0, and it turned out that I had calls to some of the dump routines that were not guarded by either 'DEBUG(...)' or '#ifndef NDEBUG ... #endif' and I was seeing the link failures with a Release build.  These had been there since LLVM v3.1 and had never broken before.  There was some clean-up done in the sources so that may of the 'dump' routines are enabled only for Debug builds, and I fixed these (in my code) by adding these guards.

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I am finding that my project that previously successfully built with versions 3.5 to 4.0 is now failing to link because of missing implementation for dump(). Errors I get are:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:

  "llvm::Type::dump() const", referenced from:
      ravi::LuaLLVMTypes::dump() in ravi_llvmtypes.cpp.o
      dump_content(lua_State*) in ravi_llvmluaapi.cpp.o
  "llvm::Value::dump() const", referenced from:
      dump_content(lua_State*) in ravi_llvmluaapi.cpp.o
  "llvm::Module::dump() const", referenced from:

This appears to be a change that is not documented in the release notes of 5.0. Please can someone describe what the change is and how I can detect whether the dump() implementation is available or not?

It also seems strange that dump() implementation was removed - surely it would have been better ti stub it so that client code does not break?

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