[llvm-dev] PSA: debuginfo-tests workflow changing slightly

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Mon Nov 6 10:51:31 PST 2017

On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 10:38 AM Robinson, Paul <paul.robinson at sony.com>

> IIUC you are mainly wanting to test LLD's PDB generation.  Obviously a
> test suite plugged in under clang/test is not a good fit for that.  It
> could arguably fit into the LLD project, but separating it out as a more
> end-to-end integration project a-la test-suite seems like a much better
> idea.
> Moving debuginfo-tests seems like a way to get a project in place with the
> right layering and maybe some lit infrastructure to make writing tests
> simpler.  This tactic appears to have a broader impact than you thought, or
> even I thought, if it's going to take somebody with MikeE's skills a week
> to get it running, mostly, in Apple's environment.
> How about this alternative:  Set up a new project (preferably with a name
> that won't cause confusion with llvm/test/DebugInfo) that copies all the
> fiddly bits you need from debuginfo-tests, and which lands in the right
> layering place.  Over time you can move individual tests from
> debuginfo-tests to the new place.  Eventually debuginfo-tests will be
> empty, and we nuke it.  Is there a serious downside to working it that way?
> This puts more of the burden on you, to conjure up a whole new project,
> but you're the one who wants it, so that seems fair.  J  Then the people
> with more complicated CI setups, like Apple and Sony, can add the new thing
> at their leisure without worrying about the kind of disruption that ChrisM
> anticipates.  It's not like the SCM history of debuginfo-tests is all that
> important; it's a *really* small project.
> --paulr

I'm honestly not opposed to this idea.  It just seems a shame to do this
for purely logistical reasons if most people agree that the "right" place
for debuginfo-tests is outside of the clang tree.

That said, I'd still like to hear from ChrisM and MikeE about why it will
take so long, because on the surface it seems like a low-impact move.
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