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I say that I have a mild personality disorder such that I can’t say
things in politically correct style, and that this is a disability that I
have had for the last third of my adult life.  I would like to think that
folks could accommodate someone with a disability.  I would like
to think that llvm-dev could be such a place.

You are not alone in making such a claim.  However, claiming an inability to discern hurtful behavior does not give you license to commit hurtful behavior.  In a community whose norms include avoiding hurtful behavior, it means you need to pay more attention to that possibility in order to meet those norms.

Here's a procedure I try to use after writing an email, and that has been helpful:
               if (mentioned someone or addressed remarks directly to someone)
and (attributed some non-technical motivation or emotional response to that person)
                              then remove or rewrite that part

Note that the nature (positive or negative) of the attributed motivation or response is not relevant, just that I am making such an attribution.  Mostly I can identify those cases pretty easily.

It gets me to change statements like "Peter, you are emotionally incapable of participating positively in this community" to "Peter, here's a tactic to help you participate more positively in this community."

Hope this helps,

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