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>> Philip,
>>           email responses are varied, some say what you do, but
>> others say give the guys a chance and listen to what he has to say.
>> I say that I have a mild personality disorder such that I can’t say
>> things in politically correct style, and that this is a disability that I
>> have had for the last third of my adult life.
> This is 100% not about political correctness.
> It's about the repeated lack of empathy and understanding.
> You believe the things you are saying are somehow right, and the reason
> others disengage is because they can't handle the rightness.
> This is your repeated quip about about others have an emotional reaction
> to your rightness.
> As mentioned repeatedly now, the reason they are disengaging, is, bluntly,
> they think you are both wrong and and asshole.

Yo.. if I can't get away with both directly insulting others and using
profanity.. you can't either.. Lets be fair.. Take it offlist if you want
to attack someone (justly or not)
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