[llvm-dev] Separate compilation of CUDA code?

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Hi Lorenz,

Thanks for letting me know!  It seems that relocatable device code for CUDA isn't being taken care of by anyone in the LLVM developers community now, so I ended up with a little hacking with nvcc to achieve my goal.  I found the approach on github: https://github.com/apc-llc/nvcc-llvm-ir .  Basically, I used this method to get the unoptimized nvvm IR from nvcc( more precisely, cicc), then invoked my own llvm pass on it to do the transformation I need, and feed the transformed IR back to nvcc's libnvvm backend.  This way, nvcc still takes care of the compilation and linking of device code.

I'm not sure whether this can be useful for your problem as well, but I think I should let you know.  Hope it helps!


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                   Hi Yuanfeng,
     i have asked about this a few days ago. [0]
     As far as i know there is no such flag available and i did not find     any information whether this feature will be supported. However i     would be very interested on any updates on this feature.
     Kind Regards
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     Am 14.06.17 um 19:18 schrieb Yuanfeng       Peng via llvm-dev:
       I wonder whether the current version of LLVM supports         separate compilation and linking of device code, i.e., is there         a flag analogous to nvcc's --relocatable-device-code flag?  If         not, is there any plan to support this?
       Yuanfeng Peng  
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