[llvm-dev] How to know the sub-class of a Value class?

Dipanjan Das via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Jun 11 22:54:52 PDT 2017

As a concrete question, I understand 'Value' class is the parent of many
concrete sub-classes. Let's say I retrieve a Value* value =
store_inst->getValueOperand(). Unless I know what the sub-type is, how can
I further use this object? I tried something like this:


         Value* value = store_inst->getValueOperand()
         errs() << value->getValueID; // Which ID corresponds to which
         errs() << value->getValueName(); // Prints numeric memory addresses
         errs() << *value->getValueName(); // Doesn't compile


I have mentioned the issues in each of the cases above. I am not sure if
the approach is correct or not. Please help me out.


Thanks & Regards,
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