[llvm-dev] how to verify completeness of the llvm backend

vivek pandya via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Feb 1 08:58:37 PST 2017

Hello LLVM Devs,

I have a question regarding porting a new target to LLVM backend.
When we write a llvm backend for any new architecture then how can we
verify that each type of instructions are being generated i.e particular
pattern is not missing or not handled properly, every possible addressing
modes are getting generated etc ?

One way is that generally architecture developer team should provide set of
benchmarks that can cover complete set of instructions for one compiler
other than LLVM  but have you ever heard about any tool to check so? Or
what is the industry standard practice that you guys follow or know?

For a tool very natural idea is write a script which does string processing
to find unique instructions generated over a given benchmark. But Will it
be possible to write tool which is generic enough to take LLVM's target
description files as input and then perform certain check over generated
assembly ?

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