[llvm-dev] LLVM CFLAliasAnalysis Inter-Procedural Queries not working

ARUN TEWATIA via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri May 13 03:52:22 PDT 2016


I am trying to implement inter-procedural alias analysis using
CFLAliasAnalysis pass. I am using llvm-3.8.0 version.
I tried to use query function of this pass. I passed memory locations of
two store instructions of two different local variables from two different
functions. These two locations will not alias.

But unfortunately, I get an assertion failed message:
"Interprocedural queries not supported."

I tried debugging this assertion failed message. It is generated from file
CFLAliasAnalysis.cpp in query function.

assert((!MaybeFnB.hasValue() || *MaybeFnB == *MaybeFnA) &&


In my understanding, CFLAA should allows inter-procedural alias analysis.
However, this assertion seems to be contradicting and stops it from
executing inter-procedural alias analysis. What am I missing ? Could you
please guide me as to how I can use it for inter-procedural alias analysis ?

Thanks in advance !!
*Arun Tewatia*
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