[llvm-dev] Replacing an instruction in a post-RA pass

Phil Tomson via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon May 9 12:43:49 PDT 2016

I'm writing a pass that looks at the operands of certain non-commutable
instructions and swaps a couple of them if certain conditions exist (a
register bank conflict in the instruction). If the conflict exists, I build
a new instruction which has the 2nd and 3rd operands swapped (using
BuildMI).  Then I want to get rid of the original instruction. I had done
some searching and found that eraseFromParent is used to do this so that's
what I'm using in the code below:

     for (MachineFunction::iterator MFI = MF.begin(), E = MF.end();
       MFI != E; ++MFI) {
       // for each instr
       MachineBasicBlock::instr_iterator II = MFI->instr_begin();
       while( II != MFI->instr_end()) {
          opcode = II->getOpcode();
          if(II->isCommutable() || isLoadRR(opcode)){
            MachineBasicBlock& MBB = *MFI;
            MachineInstr& MI = *II;
            DebugLoc DL = MI.getDebugLoc();

            MachineOperand& reg1 = MI.getOperand(0);
            MachineOperand& reg2 = MI.getOperand(1);
            MachineOperand& reg3 = MI.getOperand(2);
            if(reg1.isReg() && reg2.isReg() && reg3.isReg()){
              if((reg1.getReg()-8)%4 == (reg3.getReg()-8)%4){
                MachineBasicBlock::instr_iterator NII = std::next(II);
                //conflict if reg1 and reg3 are in same bank
                errs() <<  "Conflict: ";
                errs() <<  " has " << num_operands << " register
                errs() <<  " r1: " << (reg1.getReg()-8) << " r2: " <<
                       <<  " r3: " << (reg3.getReg()-8) << "\n";
                //build the swapped version
                BuildMI(MBB, II, DL,
                II = NII;

Unfortunately, this leads to a segfault. Is this the proper way to do this
or is there another suggested way of doing it?

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