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> On May 7, 2016, at 7:59 AM, Utpal Bora via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am glad to be part of GSoC 2016 with LLVM organization. I am a first year PhD student at IIT Hyderabad, India and my research area is compiler optimizations using polyhedral model.
> My GSoC 2016 project is to implement Polly as an Analysis pass in LLVM [1]. 
> We have a discussion on Polly-dev mailing list [2] on taking a better approach to implement this project. Based upon this discussion, I am planning to cover the following items in the first month of this GSoC.
> 1: Decouple ScopInfo object from pass and create two passes. One region pass to preserve compatibility with existing Polly transformation passes, other will be a function pass to be used by PolyhedralInfo pass as mentioned below.
> 2: Decouple DependenceInfo object from pass and create two passes. Same as above.
> 3: Create the interface PolyhedralInfo, which will extract Memory Access wise dependence information from Polly and provide few simple interfaces like isParallel(), isVectorizable(), tripCount(Loop&).

What is the difference between "isParallel" and "isVectorizable" for a loop?
Also is tripCount() returning a literal or is it somehow symbolic?



> Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions on this. 
> [1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QyUzL3OOwJSI91lDqr7VsvqUsFyTY9FlpAwbGSipUtw/edit# <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QyUzL3OOwJSI91lDqr7VsvqUsFyTY9FlpAwbGSipUtw/edit#>
> [2] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/polly-dev/DuRxNmKfEnM <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/polly-dev/DuRxNmKfEnM>
> Regards,
> Utpal Bora
> Ph.D. Scholar
> Computer Science & Engineering
> IIT Hyderabad
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