[llvm-dev] Resuming the discussion of establishing an LLVM code of conduct

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Hi All,

To Tanya, Chandler, Philip, and everyone else who worked on this: Thank
you! I really like the revised version of the CoC. The extra emphasis on
continuity with existing standards answers the minor concerns I had with
the original version, and I think you did a great job at capturing the
spirit of the community.

Renato, Joachim, and others who are concerned: For what it's worth I lean
libertarian on these things, and my gut instinct is to distrust attempts to
codify what is and isn't reasonable behaviour. As you say - any
codification has the potential to be subverted for mischief. That said,
given the emphasis the new document places on maintaining our existing
culture I don't think it will encourage any mischief in practice, and it
might encourage people to join the community who would otherwise have been
wary of doing so. That seems like a big net win.


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>> > While I have no way to compel you to believe me, I really really do want
>> > the LLVM community to be vibrant and awesome, and it makes me sad that
>> you
>> > apparently assume otherwise.
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>> > -Chris
>> I don't read it as "nefariously harm" so much as ex-nihilo asserting
>> a Foundation exists and has some kind of control over the community
>> (e.g., insisting on a CoC).
> I want to be super clear, the foundation is not insisting on anything, nor
> can it.
> **I** am making this proposal as an active and long time contributor to
> LLVM. Many other members of the community have also expressed support for
> this on this and previous threads. But our support is given as individual
> members of the community and it should be valued as such.
> I also want to say very clearly that for me, having a code of conduct that
> satisfies certain basic criteria isn't just incredibly important for me,
> personally. It is absolutely **essential**. I personally need this. Perhaps
> I'm wrong for needing it, and you or others may not understand or agree or
> even care. I don't expect any of that. But since I think it helps for folks
> to be explicit about the degree to which they care, I wanted to volunteer
> to be explicit.
> -Chandler
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