[llvm-dev] Problem on cross-compiling compiler-rt

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Hi WangLei,

Do you mean that the version 3.9 is LLVM project 3.9 and 3.5 is CMake 3.5?

In the guide[GetStarted.rst], the tutorial says before running CMake
command, you must checkout all the source code.  CMake does not pickup
newly added source directories in incremental builds.

Have you cross-compiled the LLVM/Clang for ARM, or other successfully?


2016-05-03 14:42 GMT+08:00 王磊 via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org>:

> Hi.
> I'm trying to use Clang/LLVM as a cross-compiling toolchain. In previous
> version of LLVM with the old configure/Makefile building system, I'm able
> to build Clang/LLVM for target architecture with the host GCC firstly and
> then use the generated cross compiler to compile the compiler-rt project,
> and, consequently, I can get a cross compiler as well as the compiler-rt
> library. However, when I move to version 3.9 which abandoned
> configure/Makefile and uses CMake now, it always compile the compiler-rt
> simultaneously with the host GCC. The same problem is also existing in 3.5
> CMake building system. It seems that in the CMake building system
> compiler-rt is not dependent on the generated toolchain. I also tried to
> compile the compiler-rt after Clang/LLVM has been built, and there is
> another problem that the generated Clang/LLVM cannot pass the CMake
> checking without compiler-rt, which is obvious... So is there any way that
> I can solve this problem. Thank you.
> Lei Wang
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