[llvm-dev] Use different LLVM IR functions for unsafe-fp / code gen options

Nikolay Haustov via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jul 12 06:10:52 PDT 2016

Is there a good way to have different versions of a function in LLVM IR
used depending on codegen options/attributes?

Suppose there is bitcode library containing math functions (written in
OpenCL). It's then linked with user bitcode and optimized before codegen.
The user code can, for example, invoke the log function and this would
expand into different versions of log, based, for example, on
unsafe-fp-math flag.

One solution is to have special control functions that return 0 or 1 and
are injected (or linked) into IR based on value of LLVM TargetOptions:
  float log(float f) {
    if (__control_unsafe_fp()) {
      unsafe-fp code
    } else {
      non-unsafe-fp code

However, this seems to assume unsafe-fp attribute is same for all functions
globally (it actually seems to be true for OpenCL). In Latest LLVM
unsafe-fp-math is attached as function metadata,

I don't think there is currently a way to overload function (have different
versions) in bitcode library based on function attributes/metadata. Any
other ways to do the same?

I appreciate any advice or thoughts on how this can be implemented.

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