[llvm-dev] RFC: Move the test-suite LLVM project to GitHub?

Joachim Durchholz via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 25 05:28:02 PST 2016

That's pretty much the flow, yes.

Step 3 could be reworded as "submit patch for review", then it's the git 
workflow for all cases: as things are today, for a cloned repo "submit" 
= "push to contributor's fork repo", for a contributor branch "submit" = 
"push to contributor branch on llvm-test repo".

Am 25.02.2016 um 08:02 schrieb Yaron Keren:
> If I understand correctly, for contributors without commit rights, the new
> patches "path" is
> 1) local work
> 2) local git
> 3) contributor github fork
> 4) official github fork
> 2016-02-25 0:01 GMT+02:00 Joachim Durchholz via llvm-dev <
> llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org>:
>> #3) Contributors without commit rights need to set up a fork (really a
>> "git clone") on GitHub, and commit to that before they can issue a pull
>> request.
>> This sounds easy enough in theory, but for your local work you pull and
>> merge from "origin" and push to "fork", and then you go to the GH site and
>> start the pull request, and once it's in you start cleaning up work
>> branches both locally and on GitHub. It's a lot of clerical work, and some
>> aspects of this all are easy to get wrong for a git newbie.

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