[llvm-dev] RFC: Move the test-suite LLVM project to GitHub?

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> >> 2) There is the cap on total repository size, which is in the
> neighborhood
> >> of 1Gb [3]. A fresh checkout of test-suite clocks in at just over 3Gb.
> This
> >> one actually is a problem.
> >
> > This is not really true. Individual pack files must be below 1GB, but
> > the total repository can be much larger. That's true even for the free
> > tiers. That said, it might be good idea to split the repository into
> > modules to keep it managable.
> >
> I'm really in favor of a modular test-suite, splitting as much as possible
> the infrastructure with the individual suites, and making it super easy and
> convenient to assemble modular suites together. We already have the
> mechanism for "external" test-suite, it would just need to be first-class.
> i.e. I'd like to clone the test-suite, which would get me only the
> infrastructure but no test to run, and then easily say: "clone these
> test-suite and make them available: llvm, Halide, etc." which would clone
> them from separate repositories. And then list the available suite and
> quick runs over chosen ones.
> Just some thoughts...

While I like a lot about this design, I'd like to also have a common
location for a common set of these "modules" so that it is really easy for
all of us to test the same stuff and talk about the same test failures. =]

It also isn't the design we have today, and I'd rather not wait on it to

But if we ever do get here, none of my arguments above about why we should
do this really apply to an isolated chunk of infrastructure. I'd be happy
for that to live in LLVM's main repo, or anywhere else really. I'm mostly
talking about the common collection of actual test suite stuff.
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