[llvm-dev] [3.8 Release] Please write release notes!

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Tue Feb 16 11:04:55 PST 2016

Hi Hans,

CUDA support:

Clang has experimental support for end-to-end CUDA compilation now:
* driver now detects CUDA installation, creates host and device compilation
   links device-side code with appropriate CUDA bitcode and produces single
object file
   with host and GPU code.
* Implemented target attribute-based function overloading which allows
clang to compile
   CUDA sources without splitting them into separate host/device TUs.

On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:32 PM, Lang Hames <lhames at gmail.com> wrote:

> HI Hans,
> - The Kaleidoscope tutorials have been updated to use the ORC JIT APIs.
> - ORC now has a basic set of C bindings.
> I believe the ORC remote JIT support actually went in before 3.8 branched
> too, but it's still experimental. I'm not sure I'd mention it in the
> release notes.
> Cheers,
> Lang.
> On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 4:16 PM, Hans Wennborg <hans at chromium.org> wrote:
>> Dear lots of people,
>> The first comments on the 3.7 release expressed surprise that there
>> were no changes to the X86 or ARM targets. There had of course been a
>> lot of hard work and many changes, but none of it was mentioned in the
>> release notes.
>> Please help make the release notes more comprehensive this time. The
>> notes are of course not as important as the actual code, but they do
>> get read, and they are a good way of telling users about all the hard
>> work you have done in the past six months.
>> If you made any changes in the 3.8 time span that might be worth
>> mentioning, please add them to the release notes --- it does not have
>> to be big-ticket items. If you saw someone else commit something
>> interesting, prod them to write a note about it.
>> The 3.8-rc2 notes can be seen at [1]. To add something, commit it
>> directly to the branch, or if you prefer, send me a patch or even just
>> an email with some text. I would be very happy if we can get these
>> into good shape by the beginning of next week.
>> Some things that might be worth mentioning, in no particular order:
>> (based partially on Alex Bradbury's LLVM Weekly; thanks!)
>> - Intel, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, SPARC, Hexagon, ..., target maintainers,
>> please write something about your target.
>> - Eric: should the new C API Changes part of the developer policy be
>> pointed out? Maybe in relation to where we mention changes to the C
>> API?
>> - David: can you write something about the new IR for exception
>> handling? Maybe just point into the ExceptionHandling doc?
>> - Alex L: I've seen a lot of MIR patches but don't know the status.
>> Anything to mention in the release notes?
>> - Dylan: should we mention the new AVR target, or is it too early?
>> - Richard: anything on the C++ front? What's the status on coroutines?
>> - Jonathan and other OpenMP folks: it's no longer behind a flag; would
>> be great to get some notes on this.
>> - Artem: there's been a bunch of CUDA patches. Anything that should be
>> mentioned in the release notes?
>> - Jordan & Anna: any new checkers that should be mentioned?
>> - Chih-Hung: should the notes mention the emutls-style TLS model?
>> - Lang: you did a lot of work on the Kalidoscope tutorial. Maybe we
>> should mention that?
>> .. tell me what I missed :-)
>> Thanks,
>> Hans
>>  [1]. http://llvm.org/pre-releases/3.8.0/#rc2.

--Artem Belevich
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