[llvm-dev] [3.8 Release] Please write release notes!

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Fri Feb 12 15:32:50 PST 2016

HI Hans,

- The Kaleidoscope tutorials have been updated to use the ORC JIT APIs.

- ORC now has a basic set of C bindings.

I believe the ORC remote JIT support actually went in before 3.8 branched
too, but it's still experimental. I'm not sure I'd mention it in the
release notes.


On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 4:16 PM, Hans Wennborg <hans at chromium.org> wrote:

> Dear lots of people,
> The first comments on the 3.7 release expressed surprise that there
> were no changes to the X86 or ARM targets. There had of course been a
> lot of hard work and many changes, but none of it was mentioned in the
> release notes.
> Please help make the release notes more comprehensive this time. The
> notes are of course not as important as the actual code, but they do
> get read, and they are a good way of telling users about all the hard
> work you have done in the past six months.
> If you made any changes in the 3.8 time span that might be worth
> mentioning, please add them to the release notes --- it does not have
> to be big-ticket items. If you saw someone else commit something
> interesting, prod them to write a note about it.
> The 3.8-rc2 notes can be seen at [1]. To add something, commit it
> directly to the branch, or if you prefer, send me a patch or even just
> an email with some text. I would be very happy if we can get these
> into good shape by the beginning of next week.
> Some things that might be worth mentioning, in no particular order:
> (based partially on Alex Bradbury's LLVM Weekly; thanks!)
> - Intel, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, SPARC, Hexagon, ..., target maintainers,
> please write something about your target.
> - Eric: should the new C API Changes part of the developer policy be
> pointed out? Maybe in relation to where we mention changes to the C
> API?
> - David: can you write something about the new IR for exception
> handling? Maybe just point into the ExceptionHandling doc?
> - Alex L: I've seen a lot of MIR patches but don't know the status.
> Anything to mention in the release notes?
> - Dylan: should we mention the new AVR target, or is it too early?
> - Richard: anything on the C++ front? What's the status on coroutines?
> - Jonathan and other OpenMP folks: it's no longer behind a flag; would
> be great to get some notes on this.
> - Artem: there's been a bunch of CUDA patches. Anything that should be
> mentioned in the release notes?
> - Jordan & Anna: any new checkers that should be mentioned?
> - Chih-Hung: should the notes mention the emutls-style TLS model?
> - Lang: you did a lot of work on the Kalidoscope tutorial. Maybe we
> should mention that?
> .. tell me what I missed :-)
> Thanks,
> Hans
>  [1]. http://llvm.org/pre-releases/3.8.0/#rc2.
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