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> On Feb 10, 2016, at 4:13 PM, via llvm-dev <Alexander G. Riccio> wrote:
> I think this first question is more of a GNU mailman mailing list issue than a LLVM issue, but I'm asking here anyways as LLVM/CFE are the only two mailing lists that I really use.
> What's the point of the "batched" mail option if I get 11 emails in 24 hours? Is this configurable? What's the design reasoning behind it?

I assume the other 9 emails were directly sent to you and not to the mailing list?
You shouldn't get a daily email from the mailing list. But if you send an email, then when people are answering you'll be in copy (people are using reply-all). Which is nice because you don't have to wait the end of the day to get the answer to you question, but at the same you don't receive the rest of the traffic on the mailing list.

I still find it easier to have a filter that move the messages in a folder and filter the messages this way rather than opening one single digest and reconstructing discussions that are of interest to me.

> I have batching turned on because the LLVM/CFE mailing lists will otherwise fill up my inbox really easily, and I'm more able to respond to messages that I can actually see in my inbox. This seems to defeat the purpose.
> Secondly, what's the proper way to respond to a message on the mailing list that I see in a batched digest?

I don't think you can.
I believe subscribing with the digest option means basically "read only" + initiate discussion (since you'll have a direct email being in CC in this case).

Some tricks can be used, for instance double-subscription with smart filters (see second answer here: http://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/23199/replying-to-a-mailman-list-using-gmail-from-digest <http://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/23199/replying-to-a-mailman-list-using-gmail-from-digest> )


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