[llvm-dev] GNU mailman questions

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Wed Feb 10 16:13:22 PST 2016

I think this first question is more of a GNU mailman mailing list issue
than a LLVM issue, but I'm asking here anyways as LLVM/CFE are the only two
mailing lists that I really use.

What's the point of the "batched" mail option if I get 11 emails in 24
hours? Is this configurable? What's the design reasoning behind it?

I have batching turned on because the LLVM/CFE mailing lists will otherwise
fill up my inbox really easily, and I'm more able to respond to messages
that I can actually see in my inbox. This seems to defeat the purpose.

Secondly, what's the proper way to respond to a message on the mailing list
that I see in a batched digest?

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