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Eric Christopher via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Oct 7 16:29:31 PDT 2015

> > I don't know how fast/slow comes into this. See Chris's mail for more
> > comments on this. I think you're concentrating too hard on this
> particular
> > axis to the detriment of the discussion. I think a better way is to look
> at
> > it as "signal to noise" ratio.
> Chris' CI is orders of magnitude better than ours. In his
> infrastructure, speed is a lot less relevant when waiting a fix/revert
> to work (make it green).
> I do agree with almost everything else except one thing: We had three
> pandas to solve the speed issue. But more often than I'd like, they'd
> pick three consecutive commits and keep dozens of commits waiting.
> That makes the value of maintaining more bots, smaller.

> > Honestly I'm not sure if redundant builders are the solution here, but
> > rather the phased system. Basically more noise (e.g. they're all going to
> > fail) isn't going to help. That said, if they help you reduce time to
> find
> > problems then it's great.
> I described some of those problems above, so I agree with you.
> Moving to something like the GreenBots seem like the best option.
Seems like you and Chris now have a plan so I'm going to bow out of the
discussion :)

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