[LLVMdev] LNT Error 500

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Thu Mar 19 09:38:00 PDT 2015

On 03/19/2015 05:26 PM, Renato Golin wrote:
> On 19 March 2015 at 06:08, Tobias Grosser <tobias at grosser.es> wrote:
>> http://lab.llvm.org:8011/builders/perf-x86_64-penryn-O3-polly-fast
>> Could you possibly have a look?
> Hi Tobi,
> It went back to green this morning, and it's ok again. I haven't done
> anything. But one thing I realised last time was that any error turns
> into an "internal server error", even page not found, etc. So, there's
> something odd about that Apache.
> The reason why I think it's intermittent is because the server load is
> so high that it's just dropping connections (apache does that if it
> has too many connections already). We probably need to think about our
> infrastructure soon. the buildbots are also very slow in the past few
> months, and getting slower.

Right. The Error 500s disappeared again. I hoped you might find 
something in the logs, but if it is indeed an overloaded server, we may 
need to do something with the infrastructure.


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