[LLVMdev] [GSoC] Proposal Feedback: Floating Point Range Analysis

Aditya Kamath cs11b001+llvmdev at iith.ac.in
Wed Mar 18 13:02:41 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I am a final year undergraduate student at IIT Hyderabad and have been
amazed by the LLVM project especially its design and flexibility and
providing opportunities to students like me in working and tweaking
production level compilers.

As expressed before on the mailing list, I am keenly interested in taking
up a project on implementing a floating point range analysis framework
under GSoC, which was pointed out in the mailing list by Arch Robinson.
Please find my proposal at the  link on Google Drive
and please let me know your comments about the same.

Thank You
Aditya V Kamath
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