[LLVMdev] DragonEgg (3.6) fails to compile with llvm3.6

Richard Gorton rcgorton at cognitive-electronics.com
Mon Mar 16 07:04:21 PDT 2015

I'm hitting the following compilation error with dragonegg-3.6.0 && llvm-3.6.0:

-bash-4.1$ make
Compiling Aliasing.cpp
/home/rcgorton/svn/Compiler/trunk/LLVM3_6/dragonegg-3.6.0.src/src/Aliasing.cpp: In function ‘llvm::MDNode* describeAliasSet(tree)’:
/home/rcgorton/svn/Compiler/trunk/LLVM3_6/dragonegg-3.6.0.src/src/Aliasing.cpp:140:16: error: ‘class llvm::MDNode’ has no member named ‘replaceAllUsesWith’
make: *** [Aliasing.o] Error 1

In LLVM3.5, MDNode is jointly derived from public Value, public FoldingSetNode; the method replaceAllUsesWith() is part of class Value.

In LLVM3.6, MDNode is derived from public Metadata; the Metadata class does not have such a method.

An 'svn info' of the dragonegg repository shows that the last change author/date is 'chapuni', on Nov 19, 2014.

The big question: is DragonEgg no longer being supported?


		Richard Gorton
		rcgorton at cog-e.com

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