[LLVMdev] Implement a Loop Dependence Analysis Infrastructure in LLVM

Bhargav Reddy cs11b012 at iith.ac.in
Mon Mar 16 03:09:57 PDT 2015

Hi All,

I am Bhargav Reddy, B. Tech 4th year at IIT Hyderabad in the Computer
Science and Engineering department. I have been working on LLVM over the
past 6 months and have written some passes in LLVM. I studied some
optimizations in LLVM in depth, in particular, the SLPVectorizer. I have
also contributed to the ISL library which part of the Polly project.

I am interested in understanding the idea for proposal titled "Loop
Dependence Analysis Infrastructure - Design some way to represent and query
dep analysis" available from the link

As written above, I have some amount of experience with Polly and loop
optimizations and am interested in floating a proposal with the above
theme. So, please let me know more details.

With Regards

G Bhargav Reddy
B. Tech 4th year
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