[LLVMdev] [RFC] Raise minimum required CMake version to 3.0

Jonathan Roelofs jonathan at codesourcery.com
Tue Mar 10 17:53:28 PDT 2015

On 3/10/15 6:46 PM, Rafael EspĂ­ndola wrote:
>> We don't require users to compile their own gcc. Are you saying it's
>> impossible to get pre-built CMake 2.8.12 and gcc 4.7 on either Mac or
>> Windows?
> And we wouldn't be requiring it for cmake. My point was that cmake is
> always easier to install:
> * From binaries: a bit easier, since they are provided in http://www.cmake.org/
> * From source: way easier than gcc.
> Gosh, from my experience *building* cmake is easier than *downloading*
> llvm and clang in the right layout, so the extra cost is really small.
> As for the advantages, this seems to make it easier to drop the
> autoconf build, which would be a really big win for us.
>>> We already require it of every developer using windows or os X. By the
>>> same argument we should be providing xcode and msvc projects :-)
>> Why not? CMake can build eclipse files, and some projects do supply
>> code::blocks project files. If people feel inclined, I don't see a problem.
> Because it has a big cost for the people actually writing llvm in
> exchange of an hypothetical advantage to an hypothetical user.
Enthusiastic +1
> Cheers,
> Rafael
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