[LLVMdev] Introduction of AArch64/ARM v8.1 extension

Vladimir Sukharev vladimir.sukharev at arm.com
Mon Mar 2 03:09:18 PST 2015

Hi guys,

I'm going to upstream newly-developed support for AArch64 and ARM backends
for v8.1 architecture extension.

Briefly it is described on
tecture-and-its-ongoing-development .

The complete technical manual is available to shortlist of ARM partners but
, unfortunately, official public update of ARM Architecture Reference Manual
for this extension is not issued yet.

This way, my patches going to be an early-access code for the architecture
design, that is strongly believed to be final.

The whole bunch of patches will comprise:

-          Some refactoring,  

-          5 separate small extensions to AArch64 backend (RDMA, Atomic,

-          2 separate small extensions for ARM backend (RDMA, PAN),

-          Introducing of architecture name (armv8.1-a) and generic cpu name
for llvm (generic-armv8.1-a)

-          Introducing of architecture name and generic cpu name for clang.

I've already submitted 

-          One patch for one extension for AArch64 backend
(http://reviews.llvm.org/D7998) and

-          One patch for one extension for ARM backend


The following patches will be based on previous, in a chain.


Would you please drop me a hint, whether should I provide the following

-          one-by one, every time waiting for approval, optional re-submit
and commit,

-          all patches at a time in a chain, based one upon other, or

-          merge all the patches in one huge one



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