[LLVMdev] New linker ownership

Jim Grosbach grosbach at apple.com
Mon Jul 20 18:08:05 PDT 2015

> On Jul 19, 2015, at 9:01 AM, Chris Lattner <clattner at apple.com> wrote:
>> On Jul 19, 2015, at 6:04 AM, Renato Golin <renato.golin at linaro.org> wrote:
>> On 18 July 2015 at 00:51, Jim Grosbach <grosbach at apple.com> wrote:
>>> The goal of CODE_OWNERS.txt is to give high level
>>> guidance for who to ask questions of, seek out for code review, find for
>>> partnering up for collaborating on crazy ideas, etc.. The right person for a
>>> great deal of that on LLD+Darwin is Lang, and it would be a shame to have
>>> the official listing not reflect that.
>> I agree with this point of view.
>> Lang knows the code well, is willing to own it and has direct access to Nick.
>>> It seems to me we should just keep it
>>> simple and list both Nick and Lang in CODE_OWNERS.txt. Assuming Nick and
>>> Lang are both OK with that, of course.
>> Which file is this? I can't find Nick on any CODE_OWNERS.txt files.
>> And LLD has none.
>> If Nick is the owner of LLD and Rui owns LLD+COFF+ELF, I can't see why
>> we shouldn't put Lang as LLD+Darwin and let the hierarchical chain
>> mean the rest.
> Please just add a CODE_OWNERS.TXT file to the root of the lld repo, copying the formatting from the llvm or clang one.  Thanks!

SGTM. Some sub-projects have been piggy-backing on the LLVM file. Makes sense to split them into their own thing in the relevant projects themselves, especially when it’s multiple people, though, you’re right.

Nick, can you take care of that?
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