[llvm-dev] RFC: New function attribute HasInaccessibleState

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Fri Dec 4 10:38:06 PST 2015

On 12/04/2015 10:33 AM, Hal Finkel via llvm-dev wrote:
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>> that would be an escaping global, and as far as I know is handled
>> separately in GlobalsAA (AnalyzeUsesOfPointer checks if a global is
>> used as operand to a function)
> More generally, I think this attribute is supposed to mean, "this function might access globals, but none of these globals are things you can name in the IR being optimized." You might, of course, pass in aliasing memory as a parameter, but that's a separate matter.
The general notion that Hal expressed here would be of interest to me as 
well.  I haven't read through the entire thread to form an opinion on 
how best to represent such a thing.


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