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Jonathan Roelofs jonathan at codesourcery.com
Wed Aug 5 09:31:15 PDT 2015

On 8/5/15 3:20 AM, Andrei Serebro wrote:
> Hi,
> Me and my supervisor are interested in improving llvm’s lit a little
> bit. Currently, there are few things, that seem to be not very
> convenient about the tool:
> ·Having several RUN commands in a failing test, it’s impossible to
> figure out, which of them actually caused the test to fail. We can
> output the number of the failing RUN line.

I wouldn't say impossible: when a test fails, all the run lines get 
printed out at the top. From that you can look at which CHECK lines are 
failing to match, and infer from that which RUN line was being executed.

I agree though, this could be improved. It could be a little tricky 
because RUN lines can be stateful. (i.e. imagine one RUN line that 
writes a file, and another that reads from it. Which one 'caused' the 
failure?).  Maybe the best thing to do here would be to print the 
command that led to the nonzero exit code in a different color?

> ·It would be nice to distinguish test fails caused by some internal
> errors, e.g. segfaults and those which fail because of non 0 error code.

I suspect this might be tricky to pull off in a cross-platform way.  If 
you'd like to do this, I'd recommend not adding a new failure kind as 
there is tooling outside of lit that relies on the 
FAIL/XFAIL/PASS/XPASS/etc markers to understand it's output.  IIRC, 
these names were brought over from DejaGNU.

> ·Having support for different hardware extensions with no need to write
> custom test for each of them seems to be useful also. For example, it
> would be cool to have possibility to add some custom test options, which
> can be checked during test initialization to avoid running unsupported
> by the hardware tests.

This is what `REQUIRES` and `UNSUPPORTED` are for (unless I've 
misunderstood what you want here?).

> ·Also it would be nice to add more parameterization into RUN commands:
> for example, iterate over a predefined set of values, and run test with
> each of them as a parameter.

I could see this being useful if the syntax for it was dead-simple.

For this sort of thing, I think it'd be best to write up a proposal RFC 
and send it to the *-dev at lists.llvm.org lists before sending a patch for 

> ·Add lit.cfg directory explicit setting: now it is always in the root,
> but maybe you want to use one file for many test suites, then you need
> to copy it to each suite root, which is not really convenient.

Have you seen how the `lit.site.cfg` and `lit.local.cfg` files work? 
Maybe they could suit your needs w.r.t. this.

> Main question is, are there some serious reasons why this was not
> implemented yet? If so, please describe them, for I’m really new one to
> llvm and particularly lit, and maybe don’t understand all the underneath
> problems of the suggestions above.

I think it's mostly an issue of time.  Working on test harnesses is not 
a particularly glamorous thing to do, so lit isn't much of a focus in 
and of itself.  I know this phrase is cliché, but patches are very welcome.

Feel free to add me on patch reviews for these things if you end up 
implementing them.



> Best regards,
> Andrei Serebro
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