[llvm-dev] [RFC] Improving the testing of exported LLVM CMake targets

Dan Liew dan at su-root.co.uk
Wed Aug 5 00:07:44 PDT 2015


I'd like to try and revive this dead thread. Another breakage of the
CMake exported targets has occurred so it's about time something was
done about this.

> ## Testing trunk
> We could teach some of the existing build bots to try building this
> toy project after building LLVM. The scenarios we should test are
> building the toy project
> - Against the LLVM build tree when LLVM is built with CMake
> - Against the installed LLVM when LLVM is built with CMake
> - Against the installed LLVM when LLVM is built with the
> Autoconf/Makefile build system

Unless there are any objections I'd like to go ahead with this. I need
to know where the toy project should live SVN tree. Could someone tell
me where this should be and I'll add it? I should also probably give
the files the usual LLVM copyright notice.

> ## Testing packaged LLVM
> For those producing LLVM packages for Linux/*BSD, OSX and Windows it
> would be good if we could encourage them to test that the toy project
> actually builds against their package. Building the toy projects only
> takes a few seconds so this shouldn't be much of a burden but can
> greatly increase a packagers confidence that LLVM has been properly
> packaged.

Our documentation needs to be updated to ask packagers to check that
the toy project builds.

> ## Testing official LLVM release binaries

The test-release.sh script probably needs to be taught to try to build
the toy project as part of its testing (probably make it optional when
building with autoconf because the user might not have CMake).


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