[LLVMdev] Default build options

Vaibhav Bedia vaibhav.bedia at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 17:31:27 PST 2014


I have just started off exploring LLVM usage for a class that i am taking.

I cloned the git repos and spent about a day trying to get a working setup.
A large part of the time went in figuring out how to get a minimal config

I noticed that by default LLVM builds for multiple architectures (in debug
and there are config options to do host-only release build. When i started
off i kept
on getting link time errors due to lack of memory.

After a few cycles which involved increasing the memory allocated to the VM
then increasing swap space and then creating a new VM with more disk space
of free space for LLVM wasn't sufficient!) i am wondering why the defaults
are set the
way they are.

Do most of the users really care about arm, cpp, hexagon, mips, mipsel,
powerpc, ptx, sparc, spu, systemz, x86, x86_64 and xcore at the same time?
Shouldn't enabling of more architectures be left to the power-users?

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