[LLVMdev] Issues with test framework as seen from OpenBSD buildslave

Brad Smith brad at comstyle.com
Thu Sep 12 16:32:18 PDT 2013


So now that the OpenBSD buildslave has been upgraded with enough memory 
to allow the build to finish I have noticed some issues with the test 
framework and was wondering if anyone could comment on what has shown up 
and/or anyone who is familiar with the framework could provide patches 
to fix the issues.

For sed and head the tests are using command line options which are not 
specified by POSIX.

PASS: LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/pr8547.ll (13681 of 15428)
PASS: LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/preserve-sminmax.ll (13682 of 15428)
make[1]: *** [check-local-all] Error 137
make[1]: Leaving directory `/buildbot-llvm/clang-openbsd/llvm/test'
make: *** [check-all] Error 2

******************** TEST 'Clang Tools :: 
clang-modernize/HeaderReplacements/main.cpp' FAILED ********************
Command Output (stderr):
sed: unknown option -- i
usage: sed [-aEnru] command [file ...]
        sed [-aEnru] [-e command] [-f command_file] [file ...]

******************** TEST 'LLVM :: Object/directory.ll' FAILED 
Command Output (stderr):
/buildbot-llvm/clang-openbsd/llvm/test/Object/directory.ll:3:9: error: 
expected string not found in input
;CHECK: .: Is a directory
<stdin>:1:1: note: scanning from here
/buildbot-llvm/clang-openbsd/llvm/Release+Asserts/bin/llvm-ar: creating 
<stdin>:2:49: note: possible intended match here
assertion "0 && "We got inaccurate FileSize value or fstat reported an " 
"invalid file size."" failed: file "MemoryBuffer.cpp", line 390, 
function "getOpenFileImpl"

******************** TEST 'LLVM :: Transforms/GCOVProfiling/version.ll' 
FAILED ********************
Command Output (stderr):
head: unknown option -- c
usage: head [-count | -n count] [file ...]

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