[LLVMdev] Intel Memory Protection Extensions (and types question)

Schoedel, Kevin P kevin.p.schoedel at intel.com
Mon Sep 9 13:03:59 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm currently adding new instructions and registers to the X86 code
generator for Intel Memory Protection Extensions [1].

A class of special-purpose registers BNDx each holds 2 x 64-bit values.
The components are not individually readable or writable (except by
going through memory) but there are instructions that read only one
of the two elements. The two 64-bit values can be considered opaque,
that is, not useful outside of the specific instructions using this
register class.

After much experimentation, I think it's necessary to model this in
the backend with a new MVT code (ValueTypes.h). Trying to fake it
with an existing type (e.g. v2i64 or i128) leads to these registers
being misused for other values and vice versa.

We want to have intrinsics map to some of these instructions (both
IR and C, in the usual <*intrin.h> form). I'm trying to avoid
having the added MVT escape the code generator by using some other
type representation in IR, but don't have that working yet.

I've put a small patch on Phabricator, recognizing that this is not
committable until there are intrinsics or other means of testing.

Comments welcomed.

[1] Chapter 9, Intel Architecture Instruction Set Extensions
Programming Reference, July 2013,

Kevin Schoedel, Software Developer, Intel of Canada
<kevin.p.schoedel at intel.com>      +1 (519) 772-2580

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