[LLVMdev] compiler-rt tests in cmake?

Greg Fitzgerald garious at gmail.com
Wed May 22 12:38:43 PDT 2013

Anybody working on porting the compiler-rt tests to cmake?

The online documentation shows a preference for cmake and ctest, but the
CMakeLists file has the comment "Currently the tests have not been ported
to CMake, so disable this directory."  How should we be running the test


My immediate issue is that "make check-all" fails in the cmake build when
compiler-rt is outside the projects directory.  When I point to compiler-rt
with LLVM_EXTERNAL_COMPILER_RT_SOURCE_DIR, lit still looks for
lit.common.cfg within "projects/compiler-rt" instead of the external
directory.  I use similar CMake variables for Clang and Polly and have had
no trouble.  Any recommendations for how to fix?

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