[LLVMdev] Predicated Vector Operations

Demikhovsky, Elena elena.demikhovsky at intel.com
Sat May 11 00:45:03 PDT 2013

Even in architectures, like MIC, that support masks, using masks is not always beneficial because it adds register dependency.
We analyzed these aspects and got into conclusion that vectorizer can use masked load/store and gather/scatter intrinsics to protect memory access. 
Adding masks to instructions is partially possible on a target specific machine pass. 

-  Elena

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On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 9:53 AM,  <dag at cray.com> wrote:
> Jeff Bush <jeffbush001 at gmail.com> writes:
>> Ah, I think I get it now.  This was mentioned earlier in the thread, 
>> but it didn't click at the time. It sounds like I can do instruction 
>> selection with a pattern like (omitting selection of the sources):
>> let Constraints = "$dst = $oldvalue" in {
>>     def MASKEDARITH : MyInstruction<
>>         (outs VectorReg:$dst),
>>         (ins MaskReg:$mask, VectorReg:$src1, VectorReg:$src2, 
>> VectorReg:$oldvalue),
>>         "add $dst {$mask}, $src1, $src2",
>>         [(set v16i32:$dst, (vselect v16i1:$mask, (add v16i32:$src1, 
>> v16i32:$src2), v16i32:$oldvalue))]>; }
> Ok, but where does $oldvalue come from?  That is the trickty part as 
> far as I can see and is why this isn't quite the same as handling 
> two-address instructions.

I may be missing some important detail here, but I assumed $oldvalue and $dst were just SSA names for the same variable.  For example, given the following snippet for a compute kernel:

   if (x > 10)
       x = x - 10

If you wanted to run a bunch of parallel instances with each vector lane representing an instance, I assume the IR would be something roughly like (ignoring source selects for brevity):

   %mask = cmp gt %x1, 10
   %diff = sub %x1, 10
   %x2 = select %mask, %diff, %x1

At this point, %x1 is dead. %x1 and %x2 represent 'x' in the program above.
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