[LLVMdev] 3.3 Testers!

Sebastian Dreßler dressler at zib.de
Thu May 9 04:43:59 PDT 2013


On 05/09/2013 08:39 AM, Sebastian Dreßler wrote:
> Now for the important: you have to do this for 3.2final *and* 3.3rc1m so
> simply repeat steps 1 to 3. Once you have the result.json files for both
> releases, you can compare them with the mentioned
> findRegressions-{nightly,simple}.py scripts.

sorry, I'll have to correct this. It's not the result.json the script
needs. I think it's "test.log" but this gives me unexpected output:
findRegressions-nightly.py writes "ERROR!" in particular.

Maybe someone could confirm that it is "test.log" or correct me?


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