[LLVMdev] SmallVectorTemplateCommon assertion failed

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Sat Mar 30 05:16:44 PDT 2013

I'm starting my exception handling and I am getting this error while
parse: /home/opt/llvm/include/llvm/ADT/SmallVector.h:126: reference
llvm::SmallVectorTemplateCommon<llvm::EVT>::operator[](unsigned int):
Assertion `begin() + idx < end()' failed.
Stack dump:
0.  Running pass 'X86 DAG->DAG Instruction Selection' on function

This is coming from the execution engine. The code which produces this is:

declare i32 @leaf_exception_personality(i32, i32, i64, i8*, i8*)

define void @_wrapped_entry() {
  invoke void @_entry()
          to label %end unwind label %catch

catch:                                            ; preds = %entry
  landingpad void personality i32 (i32, i32, i64, i8*, i8*)*
          catch i8* null
  br label %end

end:                                              ; preds = %catch, %entry
  ret void

The catch clause is intended to be a catch-all for my language, so I
assumed a null is okay.

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