[LLVMdev] Help with LLVM 3.2 linking error

Nicola Gigante nicola.gigante at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 06:32:30 PDT 2013

Il giorno 18/mar/2013, alle ore 18:47, Óscar Fuentes ha scritto:
> You can try building LLVM with
> CXXFLAGS=-frtti configure ....
> CXXFLAGS=-frtti make ...
> I'm not sure if CXXFLAGS takes precedence over the hard-coded -fno-rtti
> in the makefiles, though.
> With the cmake build, you can try as above (but replacing `configure'
> with `cmake') or, better:
> cmake -DLLVM_REQUIRES_RTTI=ON ... rest of cmake args ...
> Adding an option for enabling RTTI on the cmake build is trivial. Dunno
> about the `configure' build. You can try filing a feature request on
> Bugzilla.

Ok, I've managed to refactor some code and remove uses of dynamic_cast.
Making my project work without rtti is a good thing anyway, but I'm curious
about why this problem didn't arised months ago with previours llvm versions...


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