[LLVMdev] LNT BenchmarkGame

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Tue Mar 12 06:56:56 PDT 2013

Hi folks,

I'm investigating the LNT failures on our bot and found that I cannot
reproduce BenchmarkGame pass.

I've compiled it with GCC, Clang on both ARM and x86_64, with -O3 or with
the arguments that the test-suite passes to it and all I can get is the
result below:

Found duplicate: 420094
Found duplicate: 341335
Found duplicate: 150397
Found duplicate: 157527
Found duplicate: 269724

But not the one that is on the reference output:

Found duplicate: 4
Found duplicate: 485365
Found duplicate: 417267
Found duplicate: 436989
Found duplicate: 60067

If I run the LNT on my machine (x86_64) that test fails, and if I change
the reference output to the one above, it passes.

On the ARM buildbot I'm also getting the same results, so I'm really
surprised that the x86_64 LNT buildbot is passing. PowerPC is also failing,
and I suspect for the same reason.

Is there any chance that the results are not being checked correctly? Any
other ideas? I'm tempted to just change the reference output and see what
happens with the other bots...

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