[LLVMdev] AESOP autoparallelizing compiler

Timothy Mattausch Creech tcreech at umd.edu
Sat Mar 2 22:09:06 PST 2013

 We would like to inform the community that we're releasing a version of our research compiler, "AESOP", developed at UMD using LLVM. AESOP is a distance-vector-based autoparallelizing compiler for shared-memory machines. The source code and some further information is available at


The main components of the released implementation are loop memory dependence analysis and parallel code generation using calls to POSIX threads. Since we currently have only a 2-person development team, we are still on LLVM 3.0, and some of the code could use some cleanup. Still, we hope that the work will be of interest to some.

We would welcome any feedback, comments or questions!

Tim Creech

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